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Hello! I’m Jennifer Robbins and I specialize in treating neurological and vestibular conditions. I help a variety of people, ranging from teens to adults, who experience vertigo, dizziness, sense of rocking, and floatiness.

I became passionate with this niche after experiencing migraines and dizziness issues myself. It was a bizarre and scary experience from the sudden nausea and dizziness, to the severe light sensitivity and distorted hearing, to not even being able to lift my head. Because of these experiences, I will actually understand the pains you are describing!

Over the past 19 years, I have flown around the world to undergo advanced trainings and to learn from leaders of the Neurology field so I can provide my patients with the best care possible.


Common Conditions & Symptoms I Help Treat


Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

Symptoms involve a sense of swaying/veering/mildly dizzy without intense spinning lasting at least 3 months. The symptoms are worse when in a vertical position, especially when walking. It can be worse in crowds, areas with lots of colors/lights. It is frequently accompanied by anxiety. This condition sometimes begins after a different vestibular condition (such as neuritis) has resolved, but sometimes for no obvious reason.


Vestibular Migraine

These are a type of migraine that involves vertigo. There may or may not a headache. Migraines involve abnormal electrical activity in the brain and nerves around your head/face. Your neurologist would diagnose this condition, and prescribe medications. Sometimes the medications alone do not alleviate the sense of imbalance. This frequently involves difficulty looking at certain things like 3D t.v. or movies, scrolling computer screens and motion sickness (car/boat sickness)


How I can help you!


Concierge Service

With concierge service, I will personally be traveling to your home or office to assess your condition and provide treatment for your symptoms.


Tele-health Service

With Tele-health service, we will be communicating through real-time video and audio on a secure healthcare online platform. Exercise videos and demos may also be assigned.


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