Hello! I’m Jennifer Robbins.

I specialize in Vestibular Rehabilitation. I help a variety of people, ranging from teens to adults, who experience vertigo, dizziness, sense of rocking, and floatiness.

I became passionate with this niche after experiencing migraines and dizziness issues myself. It was a bizarre and scary experience from the sudden nausea and dizziness, to the severe light sensitivity and distorted hearing to not even being able to lift my head. I actually understand what people are describing!

Over the past 19 years, I’ve flown around the world (including Europe) seeking out the best training and information from leaders in Neurology field in order to provide my patients the best care possible.

I have always been an active person, and exercise is part of who I am. I challenge myself physically with sports like squash, and exercise approaches like pilates. I'm artistic and enjoy using my creativity in my work. I love the outdoors and think everyone needs some scenery!

TRAINING & Certification Highlights:

* APTA, University of Pittsburgh. Vestibular Rehabilitation: An Advanced Course and Update.

* APTA, Concussion Management. Trumbull, CT

* Certification, American Institute of Balance. Vestibular Rehabilitation. Largo, FL.

*APTA, Emory University. 37 contact hours. Vestibular Rehabilitation. Atlanta, GA.

**Licensed Physical Therapist in New York and Connecticut

**Impact Trained Physical Therapist Certificate Vestibular Rehabilitation,

**American Institute of Balance, Starr Certified for Cancer Rehabilitation,